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Standard Parts GSE is a company with its main base in the New Delhi, India. Our company's main objective is to meet all the needs of the aviation industry, especially in the service of ground support equipments. We supply all kinds of consumables and spare parts for all ground support equipment. Also we make available the service of selling or renting equipment such as baggage tow tractors, belt loader, lav cart, potable cart, ground power unit, air start unit, ac units, etc ...

This company strives every day to provide our customers with the upmost courteous, personalized and professional service. It's our belief that a company is based on a set of services, not only in buying and selling. The smallest needs of our customers have the same importance as the large ones. From a screw to equipment; to a known company vs. a small company yet to make their selves known deserves the same respect and professionalism.

Standard Parts GSE, is located geographically in the centre of all the India, which helps us solve a very important factor; the delivery time of parts. We recognize how expensive it could be to have equipment down for lack of spare parts.

We hope you make Standard Parts GSE your "go to" company, because if you feel satisfied, we accomplished our goal!.